Molly Agnew

In modern times the relationship we have with food is largely anonymous with a reliance on unsustainable food production systems that exists out of sight and mind; diminishing how people value their food. This proposal aims to establish a transparent relationship with how food is grown into the inner workings of urban Shoreditch, London, offering a solution for securing future food supplies and production, through the use of innovative technologies and optimizing land-use within the urban community.

The farms’ _crops follow the seasonal growth of native fruit and vegetables reducing the reliance on imported foods from other countries whilst embracing a hydroponic farming method - reducing the overall water consumption by 80% compared to traditional farming methods.

Interconnected with the working farm is a proposed research and education facility that provides learning support for urban dwellers to study, grow and cook their own foods, whilst producing a strong crop yield to support the food market on the street below, in turn, reducing the environmental footprint by removing the need for transportation and additional food miles, serving freshly grown goods for local consumers.

The vertical rotisserie system was designed with ease and accessibility in mind and optimizes the minimal space of the site. The modular framework provides a functional work space for the farm and its users, whilst the interchangeable façade, made up of translucent polycarbonate wall panels, allow for protection between differing seasons and weather patterns. In its’ _entirety the building exhibits the food production system through a transparent lens; visible to the public; creating greater awareness for the need of sustainable agriculture.